FYI - kubernetes support for parallel elmer

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FYI - kubernetes support for parallel elmer

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I wanted to make the community aware of some work that I did to extend another open source project ("kube-openmpi") to be compatible with Elmer and provide some infrastructure for running cases on the public cloud using e.g. GKE AutoPilot for scaleout. I did this in the context of my job as a way of teaching our team how to use Google Cloud better, but it might be useful to other folks:

As a toy example, this shows the curved waveguide VectorHelmholtz example from the tutorials running on a parallel 4 node GKE cluster built out using Google Cloud's CI/CD tools.

If there is interest, I can tighten up the licensing under an official OSS compatible license and potentially find a better place to host it than my personal github account.


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