Test! New CGNS Solver for Elmer. Windows Version.

Post processing utility for Elmer
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Test! New CGNS Solver for Elmer. Windows Version.

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The CGNSOut solver for Elmer is designed to create CGNS-format files for
thorough Post Processing in the Elmer case. For example, the CGNS files is
compatible with ParaView 4.1.x version (only), ANSYS 15.0 Post Processor,
ANSYS 15.0 Pre (as a grid source). Also files may be opened by other CFD

1. Origin of CGNSOut Solver Module for Windows version of Elmer

CGNSOut Solver Module (version 1.0), Copyright 2016,
written by Polyakov Serge: website http://www.t-flow.ru,
Email vortex@t-flow.ru .

The Module is designed for ElmerSolver (v.8.2) finite element software.
Copyright 1st April 1995 - , CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
Webpage http://www.csc.fi/elmer, Email elmeradm@csc.fi

The Module uses Qt4 libraries : http://www.qt.io .
The Module uses CGNS library 3.1 : http://www.cgns.github.io .

2. Installation

Copy all *.dll files from /bin catalog to Elmer work folder with shared
libraries "\share\elmersolver\lib". My Elmer's work catalog was
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Elmer 8.2-Release\share\elmersolver\lib". Here
in the chain "Elmer 8.2-Release" was installed as home catalog for Elmer.

3. Compatibility

The Original Modules was tested with Windows Release of Elmer are:

https://sourceforge.net/projects/elmerf ... e/download
https://sourceforge.net/projects/elmerf ... e/download

4. Licence

The version 1.0 is free. The copyright information (see p. 1) must be presented
in official documents if the Module's code or examples are used.

5. Examples

Two examples are placed in /Examples catalog. All input and output data are present.
The CGNSSolver definition that included into .sif examples files is schematically described

Solver 4
Equation = CGNS Save
Procedure = "CGNSSaveSolve" "CGNSSave"
Variable = "Dummy"
Nonlinear System Max Iterations = 100
Nonlinear System Convergence Tolerance = 1.0e-5
! Display Model = False
! Linear System Solver = "Direct"
Linear System Solver = "Iterative"

Steady State Convergence Tolerance = 1e-06

The numerical id of the Solver must be correct. Then enumeration of solvers in the .cif file
the section "Equation ..." must be expanded too.

CGNS-files are generated in the work catalog (where .sif file displacement).

6. Feedback

Email vortex@t-flow.ru

To download new software :
http://www.t-flow.ru/index.php?option=c ... 48&lang=ru
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