Microwave ablation - Electric field computation

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Microwave ablation - Electric field computation

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Hi all,

I have been playing with Elmer for a while now and decided to run my on case. I would like to simulate microwave ablation on liver tissue, for biomedical applications. So, basically, as a first step, I would like to compute the damped electric field that a microwave antenna radiates into the tissue.

My model consists in a quarter of the whole problem, due to symmetry. It is basically an antenna (coax cable (dielectric material) that has has a slot close to the end an it is surrounded by a catheter - that is also a dielectric). And this antenna is surrounded by the liver tissue.

I am only using the Vectorial Helmholtz solver, but getting a trivial solution. I wonder what I am doing wrong. If I try to simplify an run only the coax cable (which is basically a waveguide), then everything works okay....

I am attaching .sif file, in case someone have a chance to look at it and help me. I have tried to add my mesh, but file is too large....

Any suggestions is really appreciated!!!

Thanks again!!!
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Re: Microwave ablation - Electric field computation

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If you have something non-zero on the r.h.s. you should not get zero. So maybe you don't have anything there. This could happen if your bc 9 is not what you think it is, for example.

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