Vectorial Helmholtz - Bent waveguide

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Re: Vectorial Helmholtz - Bent waveguide

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Did the same, then put the post file = case.vtu back in, and received the tutorial answer. I compared the 'downloaded' tutorial file mesh to the generated mesh by following the tutorial. The down loaded mesh is more refined than the tutorial generated mesh. So the reason for the tutorial result no matching is the mesh generation step in the beginning produces a courser mesh than the one used in the answer.

You can play around with Max H and the answer varies significantly with mesh size. You have to get a mesh size same as the 'downloaded' mesh to get the tutorial value.

Max H: 0.012
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Re: Vectorial Helmholtz - Bent waveguide

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Thanks everyone! That makes totally sense, I have played a bit with the mesh size and now I can get pretty close to the values on the tutorial. :)
Yeah! I knew it was something silly!!!

Thank you all again!!!
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