Permittivity and Displacement current in WhitneyAVHarmonicSolver

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Permittivity and Displacement current in WhitneyAVHarmonicSolver

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Dear all,

Can I have your thoughts on dielectric material in WhitneyAVHarmonicSolver?

I'm trying to analyze electromagnetic harmonic field with a slightly conductive part and a dielectric part.
Since the conductive part is anisotropic, I think WhitneyAVHarmonicSolver is the best for analysis.

But I should find the way to take permittivity in the analysis, since permittivity is neglected in this solver.

From time-harmonic Maxwell's equations,
curl H = sigma E + i epsilon omega E = (sigma + i epsilon omega) E

i: imaginary unit
omega: frequency
epsilon: permittivity
sigma: conductivity

So I think I can set "sigma" to real part of conductivity of conductive material, and "epsilon omega" to imaginary part of conductivity of dielectric material.

Do you think this assumption has problems?
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