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Tetgen 1.5

Posted: 08 Oct 2017, 13:53
by mmcker

Does anyone have a patch to allow tetgen 1.5 to be compiled with Elmergui?

Alternatively is there a script to convert tetgen format to elmer mesh files?

I have a poly that is fine in 1.5 but doesn't work in 1.4


Re: Tetgen 1.5

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 21:46
by mmcker
Just an update - I have made working patches for tetgen1.4.3 and this solves my mesh problem (1.4.2 wouldn't mesh my poly).

I have made patches for 1.5.1beta1, and this compiles and successfully meshes the test mesh included in the tetplugin directory. However, it segfaults on one of my meshes.

If there is any interest, I can send the 1.4.3 and / or the 1.5.1 patches.

If not, I will try to work out why 1.5.1 is segfaulting and just send these patches (If I can figure it out).

Re: Tetgen 1.5

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 11:38
by mmcker
Ok I fixed the segfault. I have offered the changes to the git hub system. Not sure if/when they will be available.

If you can't download them, just respond here and I will post .diff files and instructions


Re: Tetgen 1.5

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 14:03
by raback
Great work!

We are happy to accept contributions. How extensively have you tested this and on what platform? Elmer team should take a look at this before merging but I should not expect any problems...


Re: Tetgen 1.5

Posted: 13 Oct 2017, 21:55
by mmcker
Hi Peter,

I have tested with a few poly files, but probably worth testing on more. The poly files I have are relatively complex (different regions, holes & boundary conditions) and quite large. The poly files aren't the easiest to create of course.

Tested on debian system. I don't have a compile environment to test under windows unfortunately.

There doesn't seem to be any hurry as no-one else seems to use this much so I'll suggest one further change at some point - it would be good to add a command line switch to set the tetgen -q parameter.


Re: Tetgen 1.5

Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 20:15
by mmcker
Have tested on fresh (linux) installation (found that one batch of files didn't upload) and added a command line switch for mesh quality.

I think that is about all I can do at this stage.

Hope others find it useful (but it appears not many people are using tetgen)