When to use parthypre

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Franz Pichler
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When to use parthypre

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Hi there,

i am once again struggling with hypre a little bit. I have a user defined solver with several dofs that are not a classical vector field but a monolithic solution of two equaitons. Now i try to use haypre to solve these. Thsat doesnt really worjk out for me. First question: when do i have to use the -parthypre option in partitiong the mesh? what does it change?

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Re: When to use parthypre

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That ensures that nodes are ordered in such a way that the owned nodes in partition N have an index that is larger than those in partion N-1 but smaller than in partition N+1. I think that this may be nowadays be taken care of the ElmerSolver automatically so the flag may even be obsolite.

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