Elmer crash when clicking on boundaries

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Re: Elmer crash when clicking on boundaries

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I have partially identified the problem with Elmer GUI crashing when double clicking on a surface. Background info:

Dell Precision laptop, Win10
Intel Core i7 with integrated graphics circa 2015
NVidia Quadro M1000M 3D graphics chip

elmerfem-nightly_Windows-AMD64.exe with date of 2018-12-19
Also was just having the same crash on a version I installed in 2016 (which worked fine then).

If i ran either version of Elmer GUI on the integrated Intel graphics, it would crash (closed out) every time I double clicked on a surface. The surface would never turn red.

SOLUTION: Run Elmer GUI on the NVidia processor. Right click on the short cut -> Run with graphics processor -> High performance Nvidia processor.

It seems likely Elmer GUI doesn't work well with the Intel graphics drivers recently shipped by Intel/Dell. Hope this helps. Devs, if there is any further info or testing you need, please let me know.
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Re: Elmer crash when clicking on boundaries

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There is a simple workaround:
1) Import your mesh or open your project.
2) Before you do anything, as soon as the surface mesh is displayed in ElmerGUI, deselect "Sharp edges" in the menu "View"
3) Go ahead do what you want, the thing now works, and you can select any boundary and body without problem.

This you must repeat anytime you reopen your project, as the ElmerGUI resets the "Sharp edges" to on automatically.

Hope this helps.

Andy Kuthi
P.S: It must be very simple to fix this, but I am not a programmer...
julien givernaud
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Re: Elmer crash when clicking on boundaries

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With the Elmer9.0, the trick doesn't work. By defaut "Sharp edges" is not selected and the crashes are present.

Best regards
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