A forum for sharing Elmer Cases

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A forum for sharing Elmer Cases

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Dear Elmer Users

There has been frequently the need to share Elmer cases among the users. This forum called "Contributed Cases" might provide a simple way for sharing the cases.

To maximize the benefits of the forum the following guidelines could be followed:
  • Give the case an illustrative topic
  • Only put here resolved cases, not ones that you have problems with. Also new solver modules are welcome.
  • Minimize the size of the case by eliminating excess files (result files & mesh files if easily generated). If there are more files than just the mesh description and sif file, add them to an acrhive (e.g. in tar.gz format). The maximum file size for archives is 2Mb and 1Mb for other files.
  • Adding a figure (e.g. in png format) will help in the quick understanding of the case. The forum shows directly figures with resolution 1024x768 or smaller.
  • Provide the case with at least minimal documentation describing how to repeat the case and what are the expected results.
    Additional information could include Elmer version, platform, execution time, scientific references, open questions etc.
  • If your case is larger than suitable for the forum do not try to split the archive. Rather provide external links to location where the data is to be found.
An alternative place for creating structured documentation is http://www.elmerfem.org/wiki. Unfortunately there the control of attachments leaves a lot to be desired. Also users may also find it difficult to find or create a suitable location in there. This should be easier for individual cases.

We encourage everybody to share their cases. It gives a good opportunity to help others, and also to get feedback on the chosen modeling approach.

Best regards,
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