how to set discretization in Elmer

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how to set discretization in Elmer

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In COMSOL, the discretization could be setted by this
Could Elmer do this?
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Re: how to set discretization in Elmer

Post by raback »


If you have Lagrange/Serendipity-elements then what is used is the elements in the mesh file. All shapes are supported to 2nd degree, some shapes even up to 4th.

More convenient way to increase basis power is to use hierarchical p-basis. This does not work for all solvers, but does for HeatSolveVec, for example. There you can say

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Element = p:n
where n defines the polynomial degree. Usually n=2..4 but it could be at least 10 (which is usually an overkill).

For curved shapes you may have to pull some additional keywords to obtain ideal convergence rate.

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Re: how to set discretization in Elmer

Post by kevinarden »

In ElmerGUI you can edit solver settings on on the general options tab there is free field input, so you can add
Element="p:2" or Element = "p:4", etc.
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