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Triple Point Modeling for Phase Change

Posted: 30 Apr 2023, 17:37
by Roland
As already discussed in former topics concerning the crystal growth process modeling, I still struggle with modeling correctly the triple point when using the Transient Phase Change Solver. This is why, after following your advice, Peter, I made a very simple Solid-Solid phase change test model which couples the Heat Transfer, the MeshUpdate and the Transient Phase Change solvers just to see if the phase change interface moves correctly.
Here attached are the zipped GUI project, the geometry (the phase change interface is boundary 8) and the result at t=60s.
The lower body is the hot body (further it will be the liquid phase in the real crystal growth process) and the upper body is the cold body (further it will be the solid phase, meaning the seed, in the real crystal growth process).
As the 2 boundaries 6 and 7 (which are simple fixed circle arcs) are solid and hence fixed, the triple point should simply move up or down by staying on these solid arcs 6 and 7, meaning it should just "glide" up or down along these solid arcs.
Unfortunately the result (at t=60s) shows that this is not the case and the triple point goes up out of the solid arcs paths, which is not correct.
This uncorrect behaviour of the triple point is probably due to the fact that I don't really master the use and the settings of the Transient Phase Change solver.
It would be very nice if somebody (Peter, please have you an idea of how to fix this?) could have a look at this and give some help elements for a proper behaviour of the triple point.
Thanks in advance for any help!