Request: Feasability of acoustic reflection setup

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Request: Feasability of acoustic reflection setup

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I'm trying to use Elmer for a relatively simple acoustics case, but being new to this I fear I'm not going to finish it on time with the assurance of correctness. I'm interested to know if one of you would be available to setup a simulation.
For an indication, please find attached an image of the geometry (from ElmerGUI; length 30m), where the red surfaces are reflective, and the others are open boundaries. The desired output is the sound level at a certain point with a point source at the origin, for roughly 200-2000Hz. it would be great if we could then take the setup and experiment with different geometries. The goal is to see if this reduced parabolic reflector [1] with holes would still work.
Our budget is not too big, but if you're versed in Elmer I think this should not be such a hard case.
Looking forward to your response by private message.

Kind regards,
- Willem

[1] ... ector.html
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