Induced current in secondary coil

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Induced current in secondary coil

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this is an extension of the previous post regarding modeling induction between coils.

I have a geometry that includes a driving coil (closed) and a driven coil(open). Both have an iron core. It looks like this:
potential.png (313.93 KiB) Viewed 50 times
I am using CoilSolver to set the current in the driving coil and I would like to be able to measure the induced current in the driven coil. However, the results that I get look something like this:
current density.png
current density.png (264.9 KiB) Viewed 50 times
My expectation (and it could be wrong) is that the current density in the driven coil would be uniform. However, what is seen is a gradual distribution of current density through the driven coil..

Do I need special boundary conditions on the driven coil in order to be able to see a current through it?

Any help would be much appreciated
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