Circuit + CoilSolver - Transformer Test

Numerical methods and mathematical models of Elmer
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Circuit + CoilSolver - Transformer Test

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I've been studying Elmer FEM through the webinars and tutorials. To try to understand it better, I am trying a simple simulation of a transformer.
The transformer has a very simple geometry and I am using GMSH to create the geometry + mesh.
The driving fields are established through "CircuitsAndDynamics" and 3D coil is calculated using "CoilSolver".
I am comparing the results with some simple analytical calculations.

My issue here is the difference between the results from 2D and Analytical simulations (which agree) with the 3D one (specially at higher frequencies).

All the files are attached.
GMSH files: + The command for ElmerGrid is in cmd_elmerGrid.txt
Analytical calculation: (calculated results for 6 Hz, 60 Hz and 600 Hz are commented here)
Elmer FEM files are the remainder ones.

I am running Elmer in an Ubuntu 20.04 based distro (Elementary OS 6.1)
Version: 9.0 (Rev: 1c73bb548, Compiled: 2022-11-23)
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Re: Circuit + CoilSolver - Transformer Test

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This is not a commercial post of mine, but I would like to suggest you to try TRAFOLO
It generates Elmer's sif files and runs it so you can get some ideas out of it.

Free for non-commercial use. We would be very happy if you could do comparisons with other solutions.

If any issues, you can find my contact details on the web.

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