pyelmer for matrix generation

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pyelmer for matrix generation

Post by relay »

I am new here. I am building my own FEM tool in python, where I need to generate a mesh (I use gmsh) and then I need to calculate stiffness and mass matrix for linear elasticity, and then do my own stuff with this matrices.
Is it possibble to use pyelmer interface to simply load the mesh and then generate an extract this matrices?
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Re: pyelmer for matrix generation

Post by arved »

Hi Gorka,

I just found your post by chance. I don't think pyelmer is a good tool for that as it only helps to setup the inputs for Elmer. All computations including the setup of the matrices are performed internally in ElmerSolver. You can have a look at FEniCS, I think it fits better to your problem.

If you've got more pyelmer related questions please use the issue section on github:

Best regards
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