Unable to Start ElmerPost

Post processing utility for Elmer
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Unable to Start ElmerPost

Post by jleman »

I am coming back to Elmer after several years. I see that the .vtu file format and ParaView are now recommended for post processing (http://www.elmerfem.org/blog/postproces ... alization/). Is the ElmerPost option discontinued? It seems to still be an option, but even when I set the output to a .ep file I get a message which says "Unable to start ElmerPost.
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Re: Unable to Start ElmerPost

Post by raback »


ElmerPost is still in the source code but probably not compiled in any setups. So those who still want to use it have to compile it themselves. Paraview is quite a bit more versatile and basically the industry standard so keeping up with ElmerPost was futile.

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Re: Unable to Start ElmerPost

Post by JuzWhit »


I am having an analogous issue I think. I am trying to go through the initial tutorial using the pump_carter_sup.stp file. Being a 30 years ANSYS veteran I am very impressed. Though I can get the model to solve it would appear that no post-processor file is produced, I am getting the the following message on Linux Mint 20.2:
Elmerpost input file does not exist.
Unable to start ElmerPost

I have had a look on-line and I have discovered that there should the .ep files directly from ElmerPost: File -> Open (you should have a separate icon for ElmerPost). Though are none of these files types available in the either project directory or the root as far as I can see. Moreover, I am not aware of any way of invoking the post processor from the command line. Furthermore in the ElmerGUI the ElmerVTK option is greyed out.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to be using the code as a principal R&D tool in the future.

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Re: Unable to Start ElmerPost

Post by kevinarden »

The community has moved on to paraview being the post processor. Do not know of anyone using ep or vtk. To get a paraview file you can go to model setup and type a file name in the post field that ends in vtu. It even has a default of case.vtu
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