Free Surface in 3 dimensions

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Free Surface in 3 dimensions

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Hi dudes!

I have a new query about the free surface solver.

I tried to extend the case "free surface sloshing 2d" to a 3d one. Instead of a square (2d), i defined a cube geometry (0.4m).

And unfortunately, it did not work so easily! i applied my free surface on my top surface of my cube and just wanted to observe the oscillation of the surface under the gravity effect!

The free surface solver requires "Free surface Orientation Vector" but i don't know how to define this "normal vector"... i'm not quite sure that the computation stops because of that... here it is the end of the message:
FlowSolve: -------------------------------------
FlowSolve: -------------------------------------
FlowSolve: Starting Assembly...
FlowSolve: Assembly:
: ..Assembly done
DefUtils::DefaultDirichletBCs: Setting Dirichlet boundary conditions
DefUtils::DefaultDirichletBCs: Dirichlet boundary conditions set
FlowSolve: Dirichlet conditions done
CRS_IncompleteLU: ILU(0) (Real), Starting Factorization:
CRS_IncompleteLU: ILU(0) (Real), NOF nonzeros: 2042830
CRS_IncompleteLU: ILU(0) (Real), filling (%) : 100
CRS_IncompleteLU: ILU(0) (Real), Factorization ready at (s): 0.06
1 0.4771E-10
ComputeChange: NS (ITER=6) (NRM,RELC): ( 0.31160846E-02 0.34240129E-08 ) :: n-s
FlowSolve: iter: 6 Assembly: (s) 2.13 12.59
FlowSolve: iter: 6 Solve: (s) 0.11 0.80
FlowSolve: Result Norm : 3.1160846049305630E-003
FlowSolve: Relative Change : 3.4240129054564090E-009
SingleSolver: Attempting to call solver
SingleSolver: Solver Equation string is: freesurf
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): Velocity implicity (1=fully implicit)= 1.00
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): No keyword > Apply Dirichlet < found. No limitation of solution
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): Using horizontal ALE Formulation
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): No Free Surface Orientation Vector found, assuming normal to z-axis
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): Memory allocations done
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): Non-linear Iteration 1 out of max. 20
FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): start assembly
ERROR:: FreeSurfaceSolver (freesurface): DIM=3 NSDOFs=3 does not combine. Aborting
Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_DENORMAL"

I found the source code of free surface solver but i don't know how to call/ define this orientation vector.. that is along y axis in my case! it is not the only problem probably but i need to fix each problem after the other! (i m not sure of my fluid flow boundary conditions but this is not the point).

I attach my sif file and mesh file generated with gmsh so run "ElmerGrid 14 2 cube.msh -relh 1.0 -3d -autoclean" but you certainly know better than me! Cheers for your help pals! :idea:
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