Point Data to Cell Data in Elmer

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Point Data to Cell Data in Elmer

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I’m modeling pipe with internal pressure. The case is quite simple with two 0.5mm layers. In this model the pipe is isotropic material with two metals (aluminium and titanium). In the model only one small part is modelled and the pipe is constructed as axisymmetric with normal-tangential displacement. Case files are attached in this message.

The linear elasticity solver is calculating the stresses right, but the values are given in nodal points. So the stresses given are averaged in the nodes and do not represent the actual values in layers anymore. Is it possible to get the results in cells/elements with Elmer?

With Paraview the results with nodal point data looks like this:

Using Paraviews Point Data to Cell Data filter I can get the results I am actually looking which look like this:

Here the too distinct layers have the values of ~390MPa and ~540MPa which are quite close to the values that I am expecting.
So what I am trying to get is the cell data values from Elmer, without using Paraview for postprocessing. Is this possible? Thanks already in advance.
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