ElmerGrid 8 2 .unv -autoclean

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ElmerGrid 8 2 .unv -autoclean

Post by UNDstudent » 31 Mar 2019, 20:25

Hi all,

Been having issues using ElmerGrid 8 2. I recieve the following using Windows command prompt.

Code: Select all

C:\Program Files (x86)\Elmer 8.3-432ee0dd\bin>ElmerGrid 8 2 test.unv -autoclean

Starting program Elmergrid
Elmergrid reading in-line arguments
Lower dimensional boundaries will be removed
Materials and boundaries will be renumbered
Nodes that do not appear in any element will be removed
Output will be saved to file test.

Elmergrid loading data:
Reading mesh from universal mesh file test.unv.
First round for allocating data
Units dataset content is currently omitted!
Part UID = 1
Part name = SMESH_Mesh
Coord system name = Global
There are 671 nodes in the mesh
Element type range in mesh [202,404]
Allocating mesh with 671 nodes and 740 4-node elements in 3 dims.
Physical index interval is [2,2]
Group index interval is [4,7]
Second round for reading data
Reading Coordinate system information
Reading node coordinates
Reading element topologies
Reading element groups in mode 2467
Reading 1:th group with index 4 with 10 entities: Group_5
Element type range in group is [202 202]
Reading 2:th group with index 5 with 10 entities: Group_4
Element type range in group is [202 202]
Reading 3:th group with index 6 with 20 entities: Loading
Element type range in group is [404 404]
Reading 4:th group with index 7 with 600 entities: Face_1
Element type range in group is [404 404]
Moving bulk elements to boundary elements
Leading bulk elementtype is 404
Trailing bulk elementtype is 202
There are 140 (out of 740) lower dimensional elements.
Node 141 belongs to maximum of 4 elements
Found correctly 140 side elements.
Parent elements were reordered up to indx 600.
Moved 600 elements (out of 740) to new positions
The Universal mesh was loaded from file test.unv.

Elmergrid creating and manipulating meshes:
Removing lower dimensional boundaries
Maximum elementtype is 404 and dimension 2
Removed 0 (out of 140) less than 2D boundary elements
All 671 nodes were used by the mesh elements
Initial boundary interval [2,5]
boundary index changed 2 -> 1 in 120 elements
boundary index changed 4 -> 2 in 10 elements
boundary index changed 5 -> 3 in 10 elements
Mapping boundary types from [2 5] to [1 3]
Initial body interval [7,7]
body index changed 7 -> 1 in 600 elements
Mapping material types from [7 7] to [1 1]

Elmergrid saving data with method 2:
Saving mesh in ElmerSolver format to directory test.
Reusing an existing directory
Saving 671 coordinates to mesh.nodes.
opening of file was not successful

Thank you for using Elmergrid!
Send bug reports and feature wishes to elmeradm@csc.fi

C:\Program Files (x86)\Elmer 8.3-432ee0dd\bin>
After reading similar posts, seems like successful ElmerGrid runs follow saving coordinates to mesh.nodes with....
Saving xxxxx element topologies to mesh.elements.
Saving boundary elements to mesh.boundary.
Saving header info to mesh.header.
Saving names info to mesh.names.
Saving entities info to entities.sif.

Trying to understand my error.
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Re: ElmerGrid 8 2 .unv -autoclean

Post by mzenker » 01 Apr 2019, 10:59


trivial question:
do you have write access to the directory and the file you are trying to write?
Or is the file opened by another software while ElmerGrid tries to overwrite it?


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Re: ElmerGrid 8 2 .unv -autoclean

Post by kevinarden » 02 Apr 2019, 01:58

I agree it sounds like it can't open the file, which will happen on Windows if you have the file open in another app, such as an editor.

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