problem import.inp file from abaqus in elmer

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problem import.inp file from abaqus in elmer

Post by gix » 29 Nov 2018, 00:34

Hi team,
I'm really new to elmer and with it to elmergrid.
I'm using an abaqus file.inp
I tried everything (I think) to get this mesh in Elmer
As I understood the command line parameters of elmergrid- I have to type

elmergrid 5 2 test.inp -autoclean

to translate my .inp-file to .mesh.* so I can use my mesh with elmer.
But the only output I get from elmergrid is a distorced mesh.....
I've tried everything but I always get distorted meshes.
I don't send the zip file because it's 2.28 mb

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Re: problem import.inp file from abaqus in elmer

Post by raback » 29 Nov 2018, 12:35


The problem with Abaqus format is that the scripting language is versatile and not at least freely documented as a mesh standard. Therefore the parser has been written in reverse engineering by looking at a number of mesh files and ensuring that they are read ok. Now the problem is that different preprocessors/setups write different style of inp files so having the code bullet proof is problematic.

So this probably requires some coding. It would help if you could squeeze your problem to be somewhat smaller. Then we could hopefully try to enhance the code in the near future.


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