meshing the model

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meshing the model

Post by pete2 » 15 Aug 2018, 17:26


I am trying to simulate a model in Elmer with some very small parts. I try to export it as .IGES but it is not working. It is opening the model in the geometry viewer but not in elmerGUI.
I think the reason could be meshing these small parts, as it is working when I remove the small parts from the model.
I have tried to mesh it in Salome as well, but it is not possible either. the process starts but does not finish.

Is there a way to do it better? Can I ask to Elmer to be careful with these small parts?

thank you

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Re: meshing the model

Post by mzenker » 24 Aug 2018, 12:49


as Elmer's meshing capabilities are limited, I would not rely on them especially in difficult cases. Very small parts are always a challenge. ;)
You can try to find a solution for your problem on the Salome forum, or try gmsh.


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