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I am pleased to inform you that there is a new pre-processing library for Elmer called FreeCADBatchFEMTools.
This library tries to offer the necessary tools for using FreeCAD as a preprocessor for ElmerSolver in batch mode.

See: ... chFEMTools

This work was a collaborative effort of Trafotek Oy and VTT oy and was supported by Business Finland.

Have Fun!

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Re: FreeCADBatchFEMTools

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Hi Eelis

Nice work! Automated workflows are very important for series users!

I guess the intended user group for this is people who have to repeatedly perform similar tasks and want to skip the manual steps.

Maybe you, or somebody else, could comment whether there is any synergy or overlap with the FreeCAD as graphical user interface for Elmer. The thread for that one is here:

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