[SOLVED] Generate a cylindrical shell

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[SOLVED] Generate a cylindrical shell

Postby pretzel21 » 03 Aug 2016, 23:33

Good Day,

I am trying to mesh a thin-walled cylindrical shape in Elmer 8.2. I have floated to Netgen 6.0 as a way to generate geometries. However, I am having no luck. The closest that seems to work is attached cylinder_test.geo. When I try to load this into the Netgen, it simply freezes.

The other method that got me somewhere but not close to my goal is adapting the CircleInCircle.in2d for Elmer directly. However, I can't seem to extrude this geometry any distance.

Any advice on how to acheive this would be greatly appreciated as I am hitting a wall.

Elmer Direct
(613 Bytes) Downloaded 78 times
via Netgen
(299 Bytes) Downloaded 70 times
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[SOLVED] Re: Generate a cylindrical shell

Postby pretzel21 » 04 Aug 2016, 21:12

Head slap ...

You guys have great slides. I should have seen that earlier.

http://www.nic.funet.fi/index/elmer/cou ... ay2010.pdf

Open, not load mesh.

Yah Gmsh! Yah Elmer! :D

Thank you
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