quadratic elements from Salome to Elmer

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quadratic elements from Salome to Elmer

Post by aminer2k » 11 Feb 2012, 01:57

I've invested a quite a bit in using Salome for geometry and meshing, but have generally exported linear elements to Elmer via a UNV file format and a ElmerGrid conversion.

Now, I need to use p-elements (which I think is the same as what Salome calls quadratic elements). I can find no way to get from Salome to Elmer using quadratic elements. Things I've tried:
1. Save a quad unv in Salome, open in gmsh, export as gmsh. Gmesh 2.5 will not open a Salome quad unv.
2. Save a linear unv in Salome, open in gmsh, convert to quadratic, export to gmsh. I'm not sure gmsh how to do this.
3. Save a quad med in Salome, open in gmsh. Gmsh 2.5 does not import a Salome med file, which is exported as MED 3.0. It looks if I download the svn of gmsh, compile, and try it, it may import a med 3.0 file.
4. Save a quad unv in Salome with the option of 'medium nodes on geometry'. This does open in gmsh 2.5. However, I've tried then saving a gmsh file as v1.0, v2.0, and v2.0 binary, and none of them will convert using ElmerGrid.

Does anyone have an approach that allows the use of quadratic elements from Salome to be used in Elmer?

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