other sketch up plugin than Khamsin

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other sketch up plugin than Khamsin

Postby ndrini » 29 Jun 2011, 08:58

About the Mesh generators:
For me the simplest 3D tool is sketch up (but it only create skp files).
Then I need a plug in to transform my 3D model intro a .stp, .mphtxt or .grd file.

I tried to use Khamsin, but (may be because of my 64 bit architecture) it doesn't work.

Does exist another plug-in for sketch up?

Can I export skp file and transform it later?

I saw this http://www.elmerfem.org/wiki/index.php/ ... e_to_Elmer
"Define your geometry in Salomé"
and may be a simple alternative.


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Re: other sketch up plugin than Khamsin

Postby petroo » 01 Jul 2011, 10:47

Hello 'ndrini,

Salomé is a real, practical alternative to define comparatively complicated meshes - at least for me. You definitively have to get used to the workflow, though, and will presumably need some time to get into the framework. Re-defining (sub-)geometries, if the should need additional tinkering after their first definition, certainly is a pain in Salomé.

The reference you cited currently does not cover the topic of directly defining certain surfaces in Salomé, which *is* possible by applying its "grouping" methodology, for any desired dimensional object: You may define volume groups as well as surface groups (and presumably lower objects) that may be transported by an exported UNV mesh to Elmer directly. Be aware, though, that the export does not supply (at least in my notion) any referential names but only numbered objects that you need to re-identify when attributing BC in Elmer to them.


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Re: other sketch up plugin than Khamsin

Postby ndrini » 07 Jul 2011, 20:43

It's so: I can't understand the way salome works to make a simple mesh (none post a simple video about it on youtube...).

I define geometry, than I try to have the mesh, but may be there's something between these two steps.

Does exist a simple graphical guide?

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