postprocessing with matlab

Post processing utility for Elmer
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postprocessing with matlab

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Dear all
I tried to use matlab as a postprocessor of a thermal transient analysis.
I opened the .ep file with excel,cutting the groupelement part and keeping only the grid coordinates and the temperatures at different timesteps.
Then I imported the data in matlab and rearranged them in a matrix that has a column for each timestep.
As the .ep file timestep output are in a single column that I had to split I think that this part can lead to some problems.
Do you know if it possible to rearrange the .ep in order to write the temperature at each timestep already in a matrix form?
Do you know if there are some other solutions already available to connect elmer and matlab easily?
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Re: postprocessing with matlab

Post by raback »

Hi Alibran

Look at the SaveScalars and SaveLine auxiliary solvers (in Models Manual) for matlab-friendly output. For distributed fields (2D & 3D) we have not made any filters for Matlab since there is a good selection of dedicated postprocessors for FE data.

If you use the GUI you can take the solvers in to use by appending the xml definitions in edf-extra directory in File -> Definitions -> Append or by moving the xml definitions permanently to edf directory.

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