Temperature in a slice - time dependant problem

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Temperature in a slice - time dependant problem

Post by Antourloupe82 » 06 Jul 2015, 10:40

Dear all,

I use Elmer to perform the calculation of the temperature as a function of the time of a small metallic cube embedded in a large box made of glass and filled with air. The small cube is placed at the center of the box. The sides (walls) of the large box are isolated (q = 0). The initial temperatures of the cube and the box are respectively 60°C and 25°C. I take into account the heat transfer by conduction and convection (solid-air). At the end of the simulation, the file case.ep is created.

-By using ElmerPost, I would like colormaps showing the 2D-temperature as a function of the time in a slice cutting the large box at the center. For each time step, the colormap gives the temperature in the slice.

How set ElmerPost to do it ? Unfortunately, I did not found the way to select the slice and the time step.

- From my file case.ep, how visualize the data (2D-temperature in a slice passing by the center of the box for each time step) by using paraview ? Maybe, I need to convert the .ep file ?

Thank you for your help.


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Re: Temperature in a slice - time dependant problem

Post by mzenker » 06 Jul 2015, 11:14


I don't know how to do that in ElmerPost, but you can try with ParaView, which has a lot more functionality and is actively developed. To generate output for ParaView, you just have to change the file extension to .vtu instead of .ep.



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