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ELMER Post Editing

Posted: 06 Jul 2014, 23:12
by Matthew
Hi all,

I have few questions to ask regarding the ELMER Post Processing:

1) I want to plot absolute displacement but I want to change the plot name from Displacement_abs to something like "Total Displacement"? Can ELMER do this? If yes, please teach me.

2) How can I change the color scale default color scheme?

Thank you very much!

Re: ELMER Post Editing

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 02:37
by raback

I think you can use the tcl/tk commands to do some of these things. However, I would also warmly recommend saving results in Paraview format and then creating a journal file of your session and running that from command-line to get automated visualization scripts.


Re: ELMER Post Editing

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 16:10
by Matthew
Hi Peter,

Sorry, I didn't quite get what you mean....

Can you explain in simpler words?

Re: ELMER Post Editing

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 17:15
by mzenker

change the file extension of the "Post File" to .vtu (in the Simulation section of the sif file, Model->Setup in ElmerGUI) and open the vtu file with the postprocessor ParaView (see It has more features and a more intuitive GUI than ElmerPost, it is under continuous development and has a very active mailing list.



Re: ELMER Post Editing

Posted: 16 Jul 2014, 13:41
by Matthew
Hi all,

I am currently using ELMER Postprocessor (VTK). How can I plot a surface plot of absolute displacement? Because in the Control -> Surface field, there are only displacement in x, y and z directions but no absolute displacement. Can anyone help me please?