Plotting variables versus time

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Plotting variables versus time

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Dear Elmer group
I want to plot the evolution of a variable (say temperature) at some node over the time (iteration in steady-state problems) but I don’t know how. I also need to plot the residual of a coupled problem of heat and flow (for both heat equation and Navier-Stokes equation) over time. The problem is solved by non-Gui option of Elmer. The value of different variables in a certain node at the end of simulation is also needed. Would you please help me?

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Re: Plotting variables versus time

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You could try something it the style of

Code: Select all

Solver 3
  Procedure = "SaveData" "SaveScalars"
  Exec solver = after timestep
  FileName = "f.dat"
  Save Coordinates(1,3) = 0.0 0.0 0.0
  Variable 1 = Temperature
  Operator 1 = "nonlin change"
For more details on SaveScalars look at the Elmer Models Manual.

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