BodyForce - edgeDOFs

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BodyForce - edgeDOFs

Post by spanda » 13 May 2020, 20:37

Can BodyForce be specified in Elmer using edge elements? So, just as the Boundary condition is specified in the form of edgeDOFs in SIF-file, the edgeDOFs for BodyForce would be specified in the SIF file in the same way.

I guess it would then look like this:

Body Force 1
   Name = "edgeDOFs_BF"
   Imposed_Bforce {e} 1 = Real 10.0
   Imposed_Bforce {e} 2 = Real 50.0
   Imposed_Bforce {e} 3 = Real 100.0

Is this possible? Although not written directly, the Solver Manual indicates that this is possible, but I am not currently in a position to check this directly on a simple simulation example.


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Re: BodyForce - edgeDOFs

Post by mika » 14 May 2020, 10:29


At the moment there is no utility which would create an edge element interpolant from the body force construct you assume. In general it would be good to have a subroutine for this task. I mention that the existing solvers which utilize edge finite elements have managed without having this utility by assuming a special form of the body force b as b = curl f and by applying integration by parts to the source term. But as said, it would be better to have an option to create the edge element interpolant of the data directly.


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