anisotrop material, ElasticSolver

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anisotrop material, ElasticSolver

Post by bode » 13 Apr 2017, 11:08

Hello I like to simulate the behavior of a multi layered anisotropic material (a GFK sandwich) with a double curved Surface. I have to give the displacement (a big displacement) as a boundary condition or simulate a contact.

The general question is: Is that possible with ElmerSolver ?

It seams to me that the ElasticSolver can not operate with anisotropic material. Is that correct?

I read that the orientation of the anisotropic material can be changed in the global coordinate system. is there a way to define the orientation in context to the element orientation of the mesh?
I think this would be necessary for large displacements as well as for double curved geometry.

From the list of Solvers in the solver manual I think the ElasticSolver is the choice for this problem, but as there are several other solvers as what if seen from the test and example files, would You recommend an other solver for this problem?

kind regards

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