3D Electromagnetics: How to set current to coil

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3D Electromagnetics: How to set current to coil

Post by anakone » 01 Dec 2016, 15:56


I've been trying to simulate electromagnetics for a C shaped core with windings on both straight edges. However I don't know how could I set the desired current densities to the coils. I've tried to look for similar examples in the forums and the GitHub repo but I haven't found anything applicable. At least in Maxwell 3D it is possible to set a surface with the current direction and density to a rectangular block.

Below you can see the the rectangular block that acts as the winding and the core. The other coil block and the box of air are both hidden. I also attached the solver input file. Any tipps?

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So I got the problem solved by cutting a piece away from both of the coils and by setting a potential difference between the cut surfaces. I then used static current solver to calculate the volume currents in each of them. A good example was the iron core example in viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2110&p=6248&hilit=i ... b559d39eb9. However how would I set phase difference to the currents when they are solved with statcurrentsolve?


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