Adaptive Error Measure keyword

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Adaptive Error Measure keyword

Post by sebastien ROUQUETTE » 09 Nov 2016, 00:18

Hi folks!
I did not find any post about this keyword "Adaptive Error Measure". This one is defined for "Adaptive Timestepping" ... if i understand the ElmerSolver Manual, this keyword is here to define "own convergence criteria" but i did not find any example??? can we define a UDF? MATC procedure?
Any idea about it is welcome.

I have another question about a small problem ... i use the "SaveScalars" equation to save temperature data (it is a heat transfer simulation). When i use "Adaptive Timestepping = True", the data are saved for all the time steps even for the one where the "convergence" failed and the simulation restart with a smaller time step! Does anyone knows how to overcome this problem result output?

See you soon
Rouquette Sébastien
University of Montpellier / Mechanical and Civil Engineering Lab. / Welding Group

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