Strange GUI behaviour since Elmer update

The graphical user interface of Elmer
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Strange GUI behaviour since Elmer update

Post by petroo » 01 Oct 2010, 12:13

Hello @all,

due to some newer developments in Elmer that I wanted to use I updated recently (last time yesterday) by getting the SVN (trunk part), compiling it and putting it to work. In general everything runs as expected.

But: I experience very strange hangs of the desktop (Ubuntu 10.4, XFWM desktop) that lead to obvious freezes of typically 1 to 3 sec of every displayed movement. In the log files there is no indication what may be the case.

I think that ElmerGUI is the cause, as those freezes do not happen if there is no Elmer instance invoked. They appear after invocation, but even without any project being loaded or interactively started. No secondary Elmer application like ElmerPost is opened.

The freezes are definitively more hefty and perceivable if some larger project is loaded or ElmerPost is invoked. In those cases working with the system becomes almost a pain. The freezes seem to be connected to the mouse leaving/entering individual windows, although not necessarily those of the Elmer system. Is there a possibility that the GUI has changed its treating of system messages over the last months, that may have led to this behaviour?



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Re: Strange GUI behaviour since Elmer update

Post by mal » 01 Oct 2010, 21:55

Hi Peter,

ElmerGUI is a (more or less) standard QT application. It relies on the operating system and standard QT libraries to open dialogs and windows in general. Unfortunately I have not had the possibility to test ElmerGUI in XFWM. Can you reproduce the problem with other desktop environments?


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