Norm result? Horseshoe tutorial

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Norm result? Horseshoe tutorial

Post by DanGrid » 24 Aug 2018, 10:13

Hi I am beginner with Elmer (or any FEM software for that matter) and I would appreciate some assistance.

I am doing the horshoe tutorial relating to the magnetic fields. I followed the steps in the tutorial manual as best as I could. At the end it is stated that the norm of the solution is 0.3679. I would like to know how to obtain this value. Is it from the solver file? I managed to find in the solver log with the following:
BSolver: Result Norm: 111.77843748849946
Could this be the norm of the solution? If that is the case, then I must have given some incorrect inputs to the model or a mistake somewhere as the value differs considerably. Attached is the SIF file. If not, please let me know where I can get this value.
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At the moment I am just trying figure out how and where to extract information and results (basics) and slowly work towards more 'complicated' stuffs =) Thanks in advance.


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