Simulation Body moving in pipe with fluid

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Simulation Body moving in pipe with fluid

Post by calc » 03 May 2017, 22:32

Hello community,
relatively new to Elmer, I have looked at the examples and how everything is organized, documentation helped me, but still I am not very familiar,
for example how to do the following:

Setup is : You have a cylindric pipe, very long, this is filled with a fluid (viscosity is given)
and then a body (like a ball or a cube) is moved with constant velocity in the pipe

Of course the result is there will be turbulence due to two factors: frictional contact of body with fluid (might be laminar) and turbulences at the inner border of the pipe (maybe have to use a no-slip)

How to tell Elmer that it should have this body (prefereable in 3-D, otherwise 2D is okay) moving in the fluid?

Thank you very much :)
btw I prefer using the GUI

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Re: Simulation Body moving in pipe with fluid

Post by TFLOPs » 03 May 2017, 23:56

Looks like a wind tunnel to me, so just put an axial velocity (and the two non-axial velocity to zero) on the pipe wall and a no-slip on the ball/cube.
Give the end which the ball is going on the same speed of the pipe wall, and leave the other end without boundary condition and be sure is far enough from the ball

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