About first ElmerGUI tutorial example

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About first ElmerGUI tutorial example

Post by Estiivan » 05 Dec 2016, 18:58

I get somewhat different result than given for first ElmerGUI tutorial example.

Are my solver settings as should? My solver settings:
(93.05 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Convergence history looks like it jumps up and down while in tutorial it is a nice smooth curve. My convergence history:
(87.63 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Result I get looks like this in Paraview:
(169.66 KiB) Not downloaded yet
It is somewhat different than in tutorial. Specifically, tutorial example seems to run only 1000 iteration steps (where as mine goes 20 000 steps). But I think everything should be set as is given in tutorial. I suspect that something is, however, wrong in my solver settings (first picture).

Many thanx for all who answered now that I finally got Elmer running in Ubuntu!


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Re: About first ElmerGUI tutorial example

Post by mzenker » 05 Dec 2016, 19:54


There are many more settings than those shown in your picture. Your sif file contains them all, so that one should be posted in such cases.
You can also download the tutorials files from the Elmer website to compare.



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