how to add neo-hookean in model

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chen junnan
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how to add neo-hookean in model

Post by chen junnan » 05 Nov 2019, 05:20

Hi all

I am doing a simulation about the aortic dissection.At this stage, the simulation I made only uses Navier-Stokes and Nonlinear elasticity solver.And now I want to import the neo-hookean into my model.Do you know how to do it ? Can I do this in which part of the software? I have uploaded my sif document.Many thanks.

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Re: how to add neo-hookean in model

Post by kevinarden » 05 Nov 2019, 12:31

ElmerModels Manual Page 61

Procedure File "ElasticSolve" "ElasticSolver"

Neo-Hookean Material = Logical True

By default the constitutive law (7.2) is employed. Switching to the neo-Hookean material model
(7.3) can be performed by giving the value True for this keyword.

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