Multiple pieces, same material - differing orientations

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Multiple pieces, same material - differing orientations

Post by drtspc » 16 May 2017, 03:36

I want to use Elmer to study thermally induced stresses in grains of Cu (say).
I think I have the rotation of the anisotropic elasticity matrix working, thanks in large part to previous forum posts.

I edited the Cu entry that came with the Elmer package (in egmaterials.xml), in order to introduce the anisotropic elasticity matrix. But . . .

I have also "had to" edit egmaterials.xml - to add several varieties/names of Cu. Otherwise, one version/entry is spread to all bodies with the same name. This can make sense, but not if I want to use Cu (say) and have the same material - but with different orientations.

In short: Is adding multiple entries for the "same material" the only approach?


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Re: Multiple pieces, same material - differing orientations

Post by raback » 16 May 2017, 16:28


I think that this is not a very desired general solution. It would be nicer to define some rotation matrix someway, and let the material be intact. I remember that there has been discussions around the topic but can't remember whether there is a working solution.


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