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Posted: 04 Apr 2020, 15:59
by mrbenson75
Hi everybody,

I wonder which equation is used to compute streamlines of a given vector field F, litterature indicates that a vorticity equation for the streamfunction is mainly used (a laplacian equation) as follow :
vorticity equation.gif
vorticity equation.gif (633 Bytes) Viewed 302 times
The weak formulation is :
weak formulation.gif
weak formulation.gif (1.67 KiB) Viewed 302 times
It seems that equation globaly works but :
1 - the streamfunction don't have the same range value as StreamSolver module (i know that only differences are important). How is Elmer do the scaling ?
2 - That method give bad results with coarse meshes compare to Elmer module.

Any ideas on how to improve ?

Re: Streamlines

Posted: 10 Apr 2020, 18:32
by mrbenson75
No ideas ? :roll: