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Whitney AV Harmonic Solver convergence problem

Posted: 25 Mar 2019, 17:01
by Davide
I’m looking for some help for the following problem:
I’m just trying to solve the magnetic field induced by a simple coil in Whitney AV harmonic solver but I can’t reach the convergence.
Using WhitneyAVSolver (static case) I managed to get the convergence and the right magnetic field. When I changed the solver in WhitneyAVHarmonicSolver and I set the frequency I was able to obtain about the correct field with large residual error in convergence, but only for few iterations. If I try to increase the number of iterations or reduce the tolerance the residual error starts to diverge and the computed field is wrong.
Please find attached the .sif file and the .geo file.
I will be grateful to anyone who can suggest me what I’m doing wrong: is it a mesh problem? Or should I change the solver parameters?