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New version of StatCurrentSolver

Posted: 15 Nov 2018, 18:18
by raback

There is now a new version of StatCurrentSolver called StatCurrentSolverVec in the devel branch. The idea of the solver has been to include some features that are have been developed recently.

As the name implies the most important one is the ability to use vectorized bulk assembly routines. It should give a performance boost for the assembly of range ~2 or more. Also the keyword are fecthed now using ListGetElement operations which are more flexibly (allowing evaluation directly at integration points) and still faster.

Unfortunately not all elementtypes yet support vectorized assembly (pyramid and higher order nodal elements) so there is a non-vectorized assembly as fall-back strategy.

Also following non-standard features are included:
  • "charge relaxation" included
  • unisotropic electric conductivity supported
  • farfield condition of electric potential around origin
  • computation of either nodal or elements postprocessed fields
  • automatic computation of "Conductivity Matrix" (similar to "Capacitance Matrix" for insulators)
If you're using StatCurrentSolver already you can test the new one simply by switching the modulename to include "Vec". This is our strategy to gradually rewrite some of the legacy solvers.