Navier stokes & 2nd order prism elements

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Navier stokes & 2nd order prism elements

Post by mark smith » 17 Oct 2018, 22:13

Hi Elmer team,
I'm doing a laminar flow NS simulation using a mesh created in Gmsh. The mesh is 100% prisms, if I use linear 6 noded elements the simulation runs perfectly but if I change the mesh order to second order 15noded elements (715) the simulation terminates early see attached log (same mesh in both cases just a different element order). Could it be the element node order is incorrect for the 2nd order elements? I use ElmerGrid to do the conversion i.e.

elmergrid 14 2 file.msh -autoclean -metis 8 3 ( the same for both linear and 2nd order elements)

Best regards
run log
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