Changing Current through AV values in MGDynamics Solver

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Changing Current through AV values in MGDynamics Solver

Post by srinathshiv » 26 Sep 2018, 21:49

Hi Guys,

[1] I found this line under fem/tests/mgdyn_steady_wire2/ ( boundary stimulation) => AV = Real 5.542e-5 which is tuned for 1 Ampere.

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Boundary Condition 3
  Name = "WireEnd"
  Target Boundaries(1) = 3 

  Coil End = Logical True

  AV {e} 1 = Real 0.0 
  AV {e} 2 = Real 0.0 

! Tuned to obtain current of 1 A 
  AV = Real 5.542e-5

How do I calculate AV value to specify input current. Ex: 1nA => AV = ?, 1uA => AV = ?


[2] Also under fem/tests/mgdyn_steady_wire/ which is for body force stimulation, I found this

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Body Force 1
  Electric Potential = Equals "CoilPot"
Is coilPot a parameter ? If so how can I input it [or] is it a value specified in some file.
How does "Electric Potential" value equates to current flowing in this case.


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