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PMSM with MagnetoDynamics2D: missing torque

Posted: 15 May 2018, 17:41
by rtanner
I am following the example given in the paper "FEM Modeling of PMSMs Using Elmer" by Pavel Ponomarev with a similar but own created mesh using gmsh. When running a transient no-load simulation I get plausible results for the flux density but the torque values are 0. I would expect a small cogging torque. Maybe someone can give me a hint? (The required files are attached)
I am using ElmerSolver 8.3 on Linux and my Simulation Input File includes following 6 Solvers:

MagnetoDynamics2D MagnetoDynamics2D
MagnetoDynamics2D BSolver
ResultOutputSolve ResultOutputSolver
SaveData SaveScalars
SaveData" SaveLine

Ronald Tanner