swaging process in FEM?

Numerical methods and mathematical models of Elmer
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swaging process in FEM?

Post by bptsj » 19 Apr 2018, 02:01

I want to investgate the effects on a TO56 transistor can of press fitting into a Cu slug. I think this would be a type of swaging. Can anyone tell me if Elmer can be used to model a swaging process?
I'm interested in computing stress and strain on the TO56 package.


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Re: swaging process in FEM?

Post by raback » 30 Jul 2018, 18:41

Hi Brian

Looking for unanswered questions while to get back into working mode after holidays. This wasn't probably answered because most people reading it didn't have sufficient information to understand what the question is all about. It is worth spending a little time translating the questions into language of closer to the one understood by the developers.

Googling quickly about swaging I'm not still quite sure whether Elmer can perform it. Elmer has various strategies for drawing processes but at least pictures about swaging seem to suggest that there is contacts included. The drawing models of Elmer cannot deal with contact.

On the other hand there are physical models that can produce stress and strain but I cannot say whether your method of fitting would suite those. Devil often lies in the details...


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