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Multi-Body Simulations in Elasticity

Posted: 05 Apr 2018, 15:00
by skoushik
I have a need to perform a geometric non-linear simulation of a multi-body structure.

Geometry is 2-dimensional as follows : 3 concentric circles with, body 1 -> the annular region between larger circles and body 2 -> the innermost (smallest) circle - solid object without holes.
Material is specified for body 1 and 2 separately - no hassle.
Boundary condition - The outermost circle is fixed with 0 displacement (in some region of the circumference), and the innermost circle is specified with non-zero displacement.
Result - The body 2 (innermost circle) displaces and overlaps with the body 1 (annular region).

May I know how to specify the inner radius of the body 1 (annular region) as the displacement bound for the body 2 (innermost) circle?