Smitc solver – Eigenmodes of an elastic plate

Numerical methods and mathematical models of Elmer
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Smitc solver – Eigenmodes of an elastic plate

Post by likhith_anumukonda »

I tried to solve tutorial 4 -Smitc solver – Eigenmodes of an elastic plate , But when i tried to edit solver settings I was unable to change the Eigen system values to 10 . The procedure they gave is :-
Name = Plate Equation
Apply to bodies = 1
Elastic Plates
Active = on
Edit Solver Settings
Solver Specific Options
Eigen Analysis = on
Eigen System Values = 10
Linear System
Direct = on
If anybody had solved this help me.. :D
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Re: Smitc solver – Eigenmodes of an elastic plate

Post by foadsf »

I'm assuming you are referring to tutorial number 3 on this PDF. Here are the steps you need to do assuming you have installed a portable version of Elmer on Windows as described in this Video :
  • Download the RunElmer.bat file in the attachment and place it in the main folder ELMER_HOME (e.g., ElmerFEM-gui-nompi-Windows-AMD64\RunElmer.bat)
  • install Gmsh or download a portable version from here
  • Download the pentagon.geo from the attachments
  • Open a cmd terminal in the folder where you placed the geometry file and run

    Code: Select all

    gmsh.exe pentagon.geo -3 -order 1 -format unv
    assuming gmsh.exe has been added to your global environment variables, otherwise, add the installation folder to the beginning of the above command
  • Run the RunElmer.bat file and in the opened terminal run ElmerGui
  • From "File > Definitions > Append" the "ELMER_HOME\share\ElmerGUI\edf-extra\elasticplate.xml" file
  • From "File > Open" open the pentagon.unv file created by Gmsh
  • Follow the steps in the GUI
you may find the complete case.sif file in the attachment.
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