static then modal chained simulations

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static then modal chained simulations

Postby ronald » 01 Jul 2017, 10:18

I am trying to make first a static linear elasticity simulation to obtain mechanical stress of a beam induced by a force, then I want to start a modal linear elasticity simulation including pre stress obtained in the 1st static simulation.
I am trying to do that by editing the sif-->simulation of the 1st static simulation with :Output File = "previousrun.result"
Then editing the sif-->simulation of the 2nd modal simulation with :
Restart File = "previousrun.result"
Restart Position =1

In the solver log (as shown above), it seems that the restart file is taken into account, but there is no change in eigen frequencies as there should be!
Has anyone succeded in such chained simulation ?

LoadRestartFile: --------------------------------------------
LoadRestartFile: Reading data from file: ./previousrun2.result
LoadRestartFile: ASCII 3
LoadRestartFile: Total number of dofs to load: 13
LoadRestartFile: Reading time sequence: 1.000E+00
LoadRestartFile: Reading timestep: 1

LoadRestartFile: Time spent for restart (s): 4.5700E-01
LoadRestartFile: All done
LoadRestartFile: --------------------------------------------
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