Displacement issue (Heat + Linear Elasticity)

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Displacement issue (Heat + Linear Elasticity)

Post by drtspc » 17 Jun 2017, 23:52

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I have been working with the linear elasticity model, and now need to include stresses due to sample cooling.

So, my initial conditions are T=400; Displacements=0.
My BCs are T=300, and Forces=0. (I have used several versions of "no forces".)

To simulate a free, cooling bock - copper in this case.

The block grows in size . . .

I have set Heat Equation priority to 1, and Elasticity Equation priority to 0, and vice versa.

Baffling: Any guidance will be appreciated.

I attach a sif file - or at least I hope I have. Note that there are 18 regions, but they are all Cu.

Thank you,

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